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Anonymous Woman 3


Conversation is very important for human being. Conversation become communication. Communication is part of human resources. We always use the words for conversation. We build different kinds of conversation to be alive.   We use the words to make conversation that will become communication for ideological inter-relation. Transportation is to transport our different kind of ideological inter-relation.

I use fishing hooks as my material. Why I use fishing hooks: Sharp -like some words, Dangerous -some words can be dangerous, Trap -some words are like a trap, Link -we can make a link with words, Be caught -some words can be caught by each other. And the words can come out easily to go and comfort so we need to know them carefully and clearly.

Why I use transportation in my art work is that conversation is as same as transportation for me. For example, I arrived in Vienna at 10:30 pm on 15th January. I asked, “how do I buy a train ticket?” I started to make a conversation. Then, I got a ticket. Austrian transportation is nice and interesting, easy to come and go and comfortable to use if you know it clearly.